Election Methods

Approval Voting and the Good Society - looks at the advantages of Approval Voting
South African Elections Show the Way Toward Racial Fairness - looks at the benefits of proportional representation
Lorrie Faith Cranor's Home Page - focuses on Declared Strategy Voting as well as other novel voting methods.
Elections and Electoral Systems by Country
Center for True Democracy - A site that favors abolishing the Electoral College
Elections: Single-Winner Methods - This site provides links to voting method summaries and election systems in the UK and Australia. It also connects to the center for Voting and Democracy.
Accurate Democracy
Center for Voting and Democracy
NYC School Boards
Cumulative Voting in an Alabama County
Condorcet's Method
Open Directory links for Voting Systems
The History of Voting
The Mathematics of Voting - Follow the Mathematics of Voting link on the left side of the page
Election World - A site detailing elections in different countries around the globe
Lesson plans on Voting Methods and the 2000 election
Statistics about presidential elections
Election types, dates, and results for countries around the world
Federal Elections Commission site
U.S. Federal Statistics

Fair Division and Apportionment (Sorry, many of the links below are broken - I will update when we cover this material)

DMP: Definitions from Discrete Mathematics
Preprints of D. G. Saari on Voting and Social Choice
The Mathematics of Social Choices: Sites - an Apportionment link page.
Math Applications - contains sections on: Weighted voting, Fair division, Game theory, Street networks.
The slice is right - a Fair Division and Apportionment page.
Modern Math - a Discrete Mathmatics Applications page.
discrete - an Additional Resourses page.
project\topics:This site has projects that you can work on.

Center for Voting and Democracy
Excellent site! "The Center for Voting and Democracy researches and disseminates information on how voting systems affect voter participation, accountable governance and fair representation. We specialize in reapportionment and the broad range of proportional representation systems that allow most voters to elect representatives of their choice."

Census 2000 and the Congressional Apportionment
Gives the history of congressional apportionment and explains the method that is currently used to calculate apportionment.

Math Forum: Discrete Math
Classroom materials, software, Internet projects, and discussion forums.

Discrete Mathematics Project: Discrete Mathematics Activities
Includes several activities for each of the following topics: Election Theory, Fair Division, Graph Theory, Counting Techniques, Discrete Probability, Matrix Models, Mathematics of Iteration/Recursion.

Fair Division
Page from a math professor at Harvey Mudd College which includes a link to a Fair Division calculator (Java applet).

Math 131
Page from a math professor at Virginia Commonwealth University which includes links to lecture notes treating fair division.

Villanova U MAT1220
Yet another page from a math professor, describing the course "Discrete Mathematics with Social Science Applications" - probably more useful for you as an instructor than to the students directly; some links to software.