Franz Marc is my favorite artist. I first encountered his work during a visit to the Lenbachhaus Gallery in Munich when I was living there in 1985. I am drawn by his use of color, the nearly cubist elements of some of his paintings, and the simplicity of much of his work. Initially, my favorite work of his was Blaues Pferd, but now I think my favorite is Tiger, although it truly is his entire body of work that makes him my favorite.  
Marc was born in Munich in 1880 and studied at the Munich Art Academy before forming the Blaue Reiter artist circle with Wassily Kandinsky in 1911. Sadly, Marc died in action in World War I in 1916. Although his is not a household name, he has been acknowledged by art critics as an important force in German expressionism. In October, 1998, several of Marc's paintings garnered record prices at Christie's in London.  
Reh Im Wald I
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