There are positive and negative legends about wolves in different cultures. In India, the legend of Mowgli tells the story of a baby boy found and raised by a wolf. In Roman culture, the founding brothers of Rome, Romulus and Remus were raised by the same she-wolf. In these two cultures the wolf is viewed as a nurturing, caring, and valued part of the culture. The beast of Gévaudan is the most interesting of all the legends I have come across. This legend is about a beast which is supposedly a wolf but the creature was never identified. There are enough records and evidence to suggest a beast did exist during that time but it has never seen in that area since that event. Some skeptics believe that the beast was brought in from Africa, but cave drawings in France argued this theroy saying that the beast was a spieces that had lived in the area since the time of the nomads. After the Gévaudan incedent, there were many cases around the world of similar events but no proof that it was a wolf.