Essential questions:


          How do different types of music effect us?

Should babies be subject to different types of music to see how differently they develop?

Should different types of music be band due to the affects it has on our minds?

Should music be rated for lyrics and type of music? (Punk, Rap, Jazz, etc...)

Should the ratings have age requirements like videos have? (NC.17, R, etc...)

What do record labels have to say about different types of music?

Does where you live and how much money you have help determine what music you listen to?

Should music bands have a say in laws that may be past? (It effects them the most in what they can right/ sing about.)

Would any of the laws interfere with basic constitutional rights as Americans?

          How does music affect the mind?

          Who is affected by music?

          What is the Mozart Affect?

          Is the Mozart Affect really a good tool to use?

          How does the Mozart Affect work?

          What chemicals in the brain are released when you listen to certain types of music?

          Can music affect people in a negative way?

          Where and how long has music been implemented?

          Can music affect people physically?


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