Essential Questions

-What type of music does what?
-Which type of music has the most positive influence on your brain?
-Which type of music has the most negative influence on your brain?
-What happens in your brain when you listen to music?
-Does music stimulate your brain?
-Can you get smarter from listening to music?
-Does Mozat's music really inspire the brain and help kids on their homework?
-Does creating your own music have the same affet on your brain as listening to music?
-What types of things shouldn't or should you doow hile you're listening to music incase it has an influence on your brain?
-What parts of the brain are affected by which types of music?
-What advantages are there to being a musician?
-Does rap music really destroy the mind?
-What biases are there on this subject?
-How are plants affected by the sound of music?
-Which types of music affect the growth of a plant differently and how?

-How does music affect lab rats?