Are the techniques advertisers use to promote a product ethical?


Five Types of Propaganda Used in Advertising

        There are five types of propaganda used in advertising. The first type is called bandwagon. Bandwagon is persuading a consumer by telling them that others are doing the same thing (Propaganda Techniques in Advertising). An example is in soft drink ads there will be many attractive young people having fun on a beach (Advertising Lecture). The second type is called testimonial. Testimonial is when a product is sold by using words from famous people or an authority figure (Propaganda Techniques in Advertising). An example of testimonial is, “Nine out of ten dentists recommend this type of toothpaste” (Advertising Lectures). The next type is transfer, which is when a product is sold by the name or picture of a famous person or thing, but no words from the person or thing (Propaganda Techniques in Advertising), for example political advertisements might use the American flag to help sell the product (Advertising Lecture). The fourth type of propaganda techniques that is used is repetition. Repetition is when the product’s name is repeated at least four times in the ad. The last type is called emotional words. That is when words that will make a consumer feel strongly about someone or something are used (Propaganda Techniques in Advertising). For example, Ralph Lauren sells there perfume by showing a romantic love seen and just putting the word romance on the ad. The five propaganda techniques can be extremely successful in selling a product.

                 Bandwagon                                       Testimonial

                   Transfer                                             Repetition
           Emotional Words