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To the Totem Forests; Emily Carr and Contemporaries Interpret Coastal Villages

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I called up Craig Leslie at his office at Willamette University and he was kind enough to chat for about twenty minutes about, among other things, his writing and the things he hopes a discussion group might explore in his work. I took several things from that conversation: the sense of how different the problems of life appear to the very poor and sorrowful than to the complacent middle-class; the sense of loneliness and clinging to little scraps of hope and memory; the sense of the richness of storytelling (he writes stories about stories about stories). I think I was aware of all these things in his writing prior to talking to him, but it was nice to hear them brought out by the author himself.

We did talk about Native American writing, its characteristics and the generalizations applied to the so-called genre (even though Leslie isn't technically Native American): respect for the land; a sense of history and tradition; the power of storytelling; spirituality. We talked a lot about life as we understand it to be on reservations around the West.

Peter Anderson