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Photo Assignments:
1. Portraits
2. Texture - Lines - Pattern
3. Color - Light
4. Still Life
5. Macro
6. Landscape - Panoramic
7. Clones
8. Photo Essays

Color - Light Links:
Kodak - Light Tutorial
Warped Space Light Tutorial
Light by Philip Greenspun

GIMP Tips:
Gimp Color Menu

Gimp color and light tools may be accessed from the "Image" menu. You may be tempted to play with colors and adjust the settings to make some WILD photos and that's a great way to learn about what the GIMP can do. You should also read the sections on touchup and enhancement in Grocking the GIMP. You'll find the GIMP can do more than you think.

Yellow Rose

Color & Lightflowers

Sarah's Lighting Photo
Light is the essence of photography. Lighting pulls your eye into the photograph and gives it life.

Impressionism, a painting movement that began in the 1860's used drops of color on canvas to capture Monet paintingthe reality of light and color. Famous painters like Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot were impresiosnists.

  • Reading: There are several good articles on lighting on the Kodak Taking Great Pictures  web site. Read all of them. Look at the examples to get an idea of some of the techniques I'd like you to experiment with in this assignment.

    Also: Photo.net Light Tutorial |

  • Photographs: I'd like to see a selection that shows
  1. A series of photos of the same object at different times of the day
  2. An early morning photograph
  3. An evening photograph
  4. 3 Photos that show front lighting, side lighting and backlighting
  5. 4 Photos - blue, red, yellow and green. How do the different colors make you feel? Do they really have the power to set a mood?
You may print and mount your photographs OR publish them on the web using this template.
Criteria for Success: Your work should show experimentation with composition, macro camera settings, wide-angle lens settings, use of depth of field to limit and expand focus, use of GIMP tools as appropriate.

Sarah's FlowersConsider using flowers in your color and light assignment.  Here are some nice examples. If you scale and crop your image to 1024 x 768 then you'll end up with a nice desktop image!

light photoEven simple subjects like these leaves can be beautiful with backlighting.

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